About us

We are a group of Venezuelans living in Canada and Venezuela that in 2014 we met to discuss solutions to the problem of shortage of medical supplies in Venezuela.

In April 2015 the Angels for Humanitarian Aid (Canadian non-profit organization) was formed to create humanitarian programs to support the communities.

In July 2015 he made the first donation of medicines to the hospital San Rafael de Maracaibo. Since September 2015 we have helped more than 150 patients, which includes cases of  people who need money to pay medical supplies, medicines, cancer treatments, surgery or simply do not have how to feed their children.


Angels For Humanitarian Aid is a non-profit organization that aims to help needy communities in the areas of health and education


Projects to provide medicines, school supplies and any other equipment or services.

Currently we have focused our efforts in the Montreal area in Canada and Venezuela.


Establish an international network of humanitarian aid with regards to health and education through   strategic alliances with other organizations to develop common social projects that benefit communities


Solidarity with people in need, regardless of race, creed, nationality, social status or political preferences
Honesty and transparency in all our actions and programs
Environmentally friendly in all our actions. Recycling and minimum use of paper are part of our premises
Respects for all our volunteers and partners
Always open to new ways to help communities in need

Who we are in Canada


Keislan Elena Ravelo Soto


I am Special Education Teacher My dream is to help Venezuelan people, give without waiting for anything in return.


Lourdes Salazar



Giselle Niño


My love for Venezuela, the vocation to love my neighbor and follow the will of God come together is this mission. Perseverance and faith.


Nilo Antonio Rincón Vásquez


I love pursuing though challenges and give back part of what I have received from God. Venezuela represents one of my biggest passion.



Carlos Andres Bromley


My experience visiting HIV patients changed my life forever, after more than 20 years I realized that helping others is my vocation.

Who we are in Venezuela


Gertrudis Ledezma


—Our trusted person in Venezuela.  In charge of validating the status of all our cases, she is a Social Worker.
—Search for medicines or supplies, grants from other foundations or institutions. With more than 10 years of experience in community work, and in permanent contact with low-income people.    


Ángela M Hernández


(Special Education’s Professor Degree – UPEL)

Lives  in Caracas Venezuela.  Responsible for the validation of cases received, through conversations with patients and medical staff.

Worked for 27 years with people with special educational needs. now retired.  Always  has been involved in causes for social justice.